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Vermont Family Forests
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Conserving The Health Of Our Local Forest Community


VFF Response to New UVA Requirements for Sugaring

Vermont’s Use Value Appraisal (Current Use) program recently released revised standards for maple sugar production on enrolled forests. VFF conservation forester and executive director David Brynn raises a concern that they are unduly restrictive and should be viewed as recommendations and not standards for continued enrollment.

Read the new UVA sugaring standards here
Read David Brynn’s response, "Sweet Freedom and Unity"

View from the Forest: CHEP motion-activated camera

As researchers gear up to begin the 18th field season monitoring the biodiversity and ecological processes on a family forest in Lincoln through the Colby Hill Ecological Project, mammalogist Chris Gray shares highlights of wildlife images captured in 2014 by a motion-activated camera in that forest.

View the photos here

Read more about CHEP

Check out our 2015 Hogback Community College courses!

The spring line-up includes great new offerings, like From Forest to Frame: Introduction to Timber Framing, and back by popular demand, Forest Soils in the Hogback Ecoregion.

For more information

2015 Watershed Center Annual Meeting, March 22nd

Join members of the Watershed Center for our 20th annual meeting. Featured speaker Kristen Underwood, geologist and hydrologist, will present on the Little Otter Creek watershed. 3:00 pm at Howden Hall.

Learn more

Lester C. Anderson Photography Prints Now Available

In 2014, Bristol-area galleries featured the beautiful photography of Lester C. Anderson of Lincoln. These framed prints are now available for purchase, with all profits to benefit the Five-Town Friends of the Arts.

View the portfolio and download an order form

Farming Magazine Features Vermont Family Forests

Check out this story on Vermont Family Forests, featured in the August, 2014, issue of Farming Magazine.

Read the story

VPR Radio Broadcast on Family Forests

On October 27, 2014, VFF Director David Brynn joined VPR host Mitch Wertlieb and VT Forests and Parks Commissioner Michael Snyder to discuss Vermont's family forests--the challenges they face, the role they play in our ecosystem, the state's Current Use program, and more.

Listen to the broadcast!

Protecting Our Water Commons

Conserving our water commons is at the root of ecologically sustainable forestry, resilient forests, and flood-resistant landscapes in the face of the peak flows of a changing climate.

Read David Brynn's remarks to the

Lewis Creek Association 2014 annual meeting.

Toward a Resilient Vermont Forest-based Economy

How do we go about creating a resilient forest-based economy in Vermont? Read our commentary and find out!

Celebrate Our Premier Forest Product

Get a copy of our new bumper sticker and spread the word about Vermont's premier forest product. Send us a self-addressed stamped envelope and we'll send one your way!

Sugaring Time

Check out Sheila McGrory-Klyza's new story in Whisk magazine about the art of maple sugaring at the Brynn family forest. The story not only illuminates the annual family ritual of tapping and boiling sap, but also includes dynamite recipes!

Read it here.

Becoming the New Aboriginals

"For conservationists and land users, understanding and preserving the capacity of the land to be resilient is now job one. Being sustainable is likely yesterday’s story."  

Read more in our article, From Sustainable Forestry to Resilient Forestry.

Watch this Lake Champlain Maritime Museum video,

which highlights Vermont Family Forests' collaboration with LCMM's Nick Patch and the outstanding Longboats Program.

View the video.

The Hogback NeighborWood Heating Cooperative!

A vision for producing firewood in a way that is restorative, sustainable, efficient, local, and fair (R-SELF).

Read about it.

Email us if you'd like to receive a hard copy of the HNHC report.

17th field season of the Colby Hill Ecological Project is underway.

 Researchers are at work learning about the reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals, plants, and more in a rewilding forest in Lincoln.

Read about their research.

View the current weather conditions at the CHEP weather station.

Exploring change within Vermont's Acceptable Management Practices for Maintaining Water Quality on Logging Jobs

Read Thoughts on VT FP&R's Draft Revisions to the AMPs.

Read VT FP&R's Proposed AMP Revisions_ December 2012 draft.

Read "Restoring Vermont's Forests" VFF in VTSierran.

Read VFF COMMENTS on (April 2012) Proposed Changes to VT AMPs.

Read What Should the New AMPs Look Like?

Read What is a Healthy, Working Forest Landscape?

Read What is a Working Forest?

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