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Conserving The Health Of Our Local Forest Community


Public Education at Vermont Family Forests

What's NEW in VFF's Education Program?

  • Re-envisioning Current Use. Vermont Family Forests has been busy advocating for changes to Vermont's Current Use Program. Click the link above to learn more.
  • Our Hogback Community College courses are rockin'! Vermont Family Forests launched Hogback Community College in February, 2011. Our initial courses have been very enthusiastically received, and we continue to add new courses to our HCC listing. Check out our Events page to read about the latest course offerings.

Education is at the core of VFF’s mission. Through our workshops and events, publications, ecological forestry merchandise, Hogback Community College courses, and one-on-one outreach, we act on our belief that well-informed forest stewards are the key to maintaining healthy private forests.

We aim to help landowners and community members connect with their forestland and empower them to gain the knowledge and resources they need to ecologically manage their forests. In that spirit, we offer courses, workshops, and community programs that teach about forest biodiversity, forest processes, and ecological management techniques. You can view photos from past VFF courses and events in our Events Gallery.

We believe that educating forest-products customers is essential in changing market pressures on local forests. 

And we believe that it's not enough to just learn about forests and community--we need to celebrate them too. That's why we help host such annual community celebrations as Beltane, Winter Solstice, and Best Night.