Project Organizational Details


Little Hogback Community Forest Financial Information--January 16, 2007

This document offers the lastest financial information for shareholders.

Limited Liability Corporation draft Operating AgreementLatest version, updated May 2007

This document, in draft form, represents the legal agreement all shareholders will sign to join the Little Hogback Community Forest LLC.

Project Updates—February 2005

Six weeks after our first public presentation several key issues have been reconsidered and the group is moving closer to the formation of the LLC. This document covers Questions, Issues, Answers, and Proposed Resolutions. If you are among those considering a share in the Little Hogback Community Forest, LLC, you'll want to read this. There's also a reply form at the end of the 3-page document.


Peoples ProspectusRevised November 2006

This 4-page draft document  includes details on how the Little Hogback Community Forest LLC will operate, including the LLC description and goals, and an explanation of share-holding, affordability covenant, management and uses of the land, conservation easement, and financial structure.


Deferred Loan OptionLatest version, updated May 2007

The deferred loan is an option available to seven qualified Vermont residents whose household income is less than the Addison County median ($59,600). Click here to view the description of how the deferred loan will work to purchase shares in the Little Hogback Community Forest, LLC


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn what an LLC is, how it works, and other nitty gritty information about taking part in the Little Hogback Community Forest LLC.


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